RECI working group II and III meeting, June 27

RECI working group II and III meeting, June 27

The working groups of energy and environment of the RECI will hold a working meeting on June 27 to exchange experiences with the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement (SEAD) in which the following topics will be addressed:

1. 5G deployment in public domain:

  • Establish a quick, simple, efficient and non-discriminatory procedure for the resolution of occupation requests arising from Decree 330/2016, of September 9, relating to measures to reduce the cost of deploying high-speed electronic communications networks. We would also like to be able to participate in the proposals for aid for the deployment of 5G.
  • Infrastructure Sharing.
  • Small cell deployments.
  • Standardized deployment models in City Councils guaranteeing universal service to the entire municipal area in an orderly manner, avoiding environmental impact. Costs and service portfolio.
  • 5G Health and Safety Reports

2. Public Wifi

  • Consult the application of EU directives and recommendations in reference to public Wi-Fi networks. (Wifi4EU).

3. 450 MHz band for emergency networks

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