Consultation open to the market to cover challenges regarding smart rural territories

DATE July 8, 2019

Consultation open to the market to cover challenges regarding smart rural territories

On July 1, Market Consultation was opened on three challenges pending resolution through Public Purchase of Innovation (CPI), within a period that will last until the 31st of the same month. These challenges, identified by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) and, are part of the project "Assistance and advice on Public Procurement of Innovation and Promotion of Smart Rural Territories". The initiative responds to the agreement signed in December 2017 between the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement (SEAD), and the FEMP.

The main objective of the consultation is for companies to propose solutions with the capacity to cover the identified objectives and needs. Therefore, the acquisition of innovative products and services by Local Entities that do not currently exist on the market is sought.

The main challenges identified by local entities are:

  1. Design of context awareness solutions (framed within Mobility Services - Sustainable Development).
  2. Adaptation of a space and development of a virtual environment that allows promoting social initiative (framed in the Circular Economy of Human Talent - Social Wellbeing).
  3. Comprehensive platform to promote the autonomy of older people at home (framed in Active Aging - Social Wellbeing).

Knowledge of the technological offer in order to face the selected challenges is essential for the drafting of Documents and Contracting of innovative solutions. Therefore, participation is essential in order to learn about experiences and proposals.

From the Spanish Network of Smart Cities, a total of 83 cities and 34 municipalities are working together in 5 work groups to exchange experiences, training and good practices, some of which are clearly aligned with the identified challenges: GT1 - Social Innovation, GT3 - Environment, GT4 - Urban Mobility.

In this link You can find all the information related to the CPI process.


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