DigitalES Summit 2019: Madrid, July 16-17

DigitalES Summit 2019: Madrid, July 16-17

The main leaders in innovation and digitalization will meet in Madrid in a meeting developed by DigitalES, where companies and public institutions will share their common vision on digital progress for the nearest future.

The motto of the event will be "Technology is the new Rock&Roll", and will focus on the technological challenges that society faces such as 5G, artificial intelligence, mobility, investment trends or industry 4.0, among others. The Spanish Network of Smart Cities has been working and promoting collaboration between cities on many of these challenges that are fundamental with cities and municipalities through their 5 work groups.


Date and place of celebration: July 16 - 17. Duques de Pastrana Complex. Paseo de la Habana, 208, 28016 Madrid.

More information available at Web of the event.

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