Open Day Smart Security: Madrid, September 24

Open Day Smart Security: Madrid, September 24

On September 24, Madrid will host the Open Day Smart Security, which will bring together the leading industry in security solutions and facility management and services to carry out an approach to technology, management and security.

The event aims to learn about the latest developments in Smart Solutions, in the field of Business Management, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities, paying special attention to security in the implementation and management of these technologies from a global point of view.

The Spanish Network of Smart Cities will participate in the debate table "Connected or hijackable cities?", where it will be represented by technicians from the Working Group 3: Environment, Infrastructure and Habitability.

Date and place of celebration: September 24 - COEM Auditorium. Calle de Mauricio Legendre, 38, 28046, Madrid.

In the following links you can find out the program and access the form record.


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