Summary of the day of exchange of experiences between networks

DATE November 27, 2019

Summary of the day of exchange of experiences between networks

Last Tuesday, November 19, within the program of activities of the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, a day of exchange of experiences between networks promoted by the Spanish Network of Smart Cities in collaboration with the Innpulso Network.

The objective of the conference was to exchange experiences between both networks and detect synergies between the working groups of both networks to strengthen joint work.

The session began with a few words of welcome from the RECI secretary, Robert Álvarez, and with the intervention of Esther López and Rosalía Herrera representing Terrassa and Ermua, town councils responsible for the co-presidency of the Innpulso Network.

After these interventions, we began with the presentation "Smart and innovative cities in the face of the SDGs" carried out by the Technical Office of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities, in which the role of the new urban agendas in the strategic planning of cities was analyzed. such as the role of smart cities in achieving the sustainable urban development goals (SDGs).

After this first presentation, the Innpulso Network began its presentation by sharing the network's activity throughout 2019, in which it especially highlighted the activities linked to Innovative Public Procurement and the delivery of the distinction of innovative city to new cities. Likewise, the areas of work (challenges) that the network addresses during this year were also presented, such as: Innovative Public Procurement, Health and Quality of Life, and Women, Science and Innovation.

Following, the RECI Working Groups They each made a brief presentation of what their lines of work currently are and the actions they are currently carrying out. In this way the GT1 - Innovation and Smart Tourist Destinations represented by the city of Palma de Mallorca highlighted the work it is carrying out in the standardization of data set vocabularies, in collaboration with the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, as well as the map of experiences in smart tourist destinations that it is currently developing .

For their part, the GT2 - Energy and GT3 - Environment, Infrastructure and Urban Habitability, represented by the city of Barcelona, highlighted the work being done in the field of platforms for the intelligent management of municipal infrastructures where experiences and good practices from different cities are shared, the advances in the model of an "intelligent" urban closet "that anticipates the future needs of cities in an IOT environment, or the collaboration that is being carried out with the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement in relation to the implementation of 5G in cities.

He GTIV - Intelligent Mobility led by the city of Valladolid, shared with the attendees the joint work they are carrying out in various areas of mobility such as: Protocols for the restriction of traffic due to pollution, Regulation for personal mobility vehicles, Models for urban distribution of goods in the last mile. , or the use of data from mobility and mobility understood as a service.

Finally the GTV - Open Government, Economy and Business, represented by the city of Alcobendas, explained its progress in defining a catalog of reference processes and procedures (SIA and DIR3), the exchange of experiences between cities for the implementation and launch of city platforms in which it stood out the last meeting held by the working group and in which the experiences of Málaga, Valencia and Gijón were presented.

Links to presentations:

Image credits: Innpulso Network, Spanish Network of Smart Cities

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