The European path for the digital transformation of cities. OULU Statement

DATE December 11, 2019

The European path for the digital transformation of cities. OULU Statement

Oulu Declaration on digital transformation in Europe

The Finnish Presidency of the Council of the European Union presented on December 10 in the city of Oulu (Finland) the Declaration "JOIN, BOOST, SUSTAIN" that gives shape to one of the objectives set for this period, which is the development of ideas shared innovation and digital transformation initiatives in European cities and communities.

The The declaration includes under the motto "UNIT, EMPOWER, SUSTAIN" the need to undertake a "European path" in which digital solutions help create spaces where people can enjoy life and work. All of this under an integrated approach that combines smart urban mobility, energy efficiency, sustainable housing, digital public services and civic governance.

We begin at a time when cities and regions in the EU are facing an increasingly large number of challenges. Thus, The implementation of digital solutions based on data generated at a local scale is essential to offer better services in terms of mobility, energy efficiency and public services.

On the other hand Cooperation between key actors is essential to promote innovation that allows citizens to be the center of policies focused on offering efficient and profitable services.

The signatories of the declaration have agreed to point out citizens as the main recipient of all policies, and cities, true ecosystems of open innovation, as the main avenues of action of these policies.

Among the commitments, the creation of a joint investment plan focused on digital solutions, the implementation of standards focused on guaranteeing the interoperability of data and platforms between cities and providing the population with the digital capabilities they need to benefit from digital solutions. Smart Cities. If you want to access the entire statement, you can download it at the end of the news.

Through the following link you can sign the declaration: SIGN THE DECLARATION

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