The Spanish Network of Smart Cities and the Network of Science and Innovation Cities sign an agreement to develop actions regarding Smart cities

DATE October 6, 2020

The Spanish Network of Smart Cities and the Network of Science and Innovation Cities sign an agreement to develop actions regarding Smart cities

The mayor of Logroño and president of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI), Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, signed a collaboration agreement with the Network of Cities of Science and Innovation (Red Innpulso) for the development of joint initiatives and solutions in terms of urban innovation and Smart cities.

The first innovative projects that will arise under this agreement consist of a Public Policy Evaluation plan, through the development of a common system of operational indicators of public services, which will include a first measurement and report of conclusions. In addition, a project will also be carried out to develop a model for public procurement of innovation (CPI) and innovative technological procurement. In addition, the joint holding of conferences, conferences, studies and meetings of working groups and technical commissions is also planned.

The signing of the agreement between both networks of cities has been carried out through a telematic session where representatives of the Innpulso Network - Network of Cities of Science and Innovation, promoted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and the RECI- Spanish Network of Smart Cities has established a series of commitments that will allow specific objectives in collaborative matters to be achieved.

The common challenge of both networks of municipalities is to achieve more sustainable, socially responsible and competitive cities, framed within the parameters of state policies for innovation, urban development and smart territories.

The agreement aims to establish different lines of collaboration and the development of areas considered strategic aimed at the joint development of urban innovation projects and solutions, urban solutions, the so-called open government, open data and the smart city model that favors the promotion of entrepreneurial projects and the new economy of innovation and knowledge, as well as to give impetus to a new, more technical, innovative and efficient public sphere.

RECI and Innpulso Network

The Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI), created in 2011, is made up of 83 cities and municipalities united to promote economic, social and business progress through innovation and knowledge, relying on information and communication technologies. (TIC). Among its members are the main Spanish cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao and many other provincial capitals.

The association aims to generate a dynamic between cities in order to have a network of smart cities that promote the automatic and efficient management of urban infrastructure and services, as well as the reduction of public spending and the improvement of quality of services, thus managing to attract economic activity and generating progress, in addition to influencing aspects such as energy savings, sustainable mobility, electronic administration and care for people.

For its part, the Network of Science and Innovation Cities (Red Innpulso) is a network made up of 72 cities and municipalities at the state level, whose commitment is to establish a sustainable production model from an economic, social and environmental point of view. based on knowledge and innovation, and whose main objectives focus on the recognition and promotion of actions carried out by local administrations in the field of science and innovation; the promotion of collaboration between the municipalities of the Network and the definition of strategic alliances to achieve common objectives both with other networks and with the Ministry; and the improvement of the innovative potential of the councils, through the articulation of public procurement projects for innovation, promotion of projects to promote innovative SMEs and entrepreneurs and the execution of European projects in the field of R&D&I in benefit of society.

After signing this collaboration agreement, both networks agreed to call a meeting in September to advance work on the different projects.

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