The RECI leads the representation of Spanish cities at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2020

DATE November 18, 2020

The RECI leads the representation of Spanish cities at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2020

During Tuesday, November 17 and Wednesday, November 18, the Smart City Expo World Congress 2020.

Smart City Expo World Congress has been transformed this year into a digital event, a unique and innovative edition that virtually brings together international experts to address what the world and cities will be like after the Covid-19 pandemic and what changes will be permanent and fundamental for the future. It is a meeting where interviews, debates and success stories are combined, as well as workshops, sessions and parallel events.

In this sense, the Spanish Network of Smart Cities has a prominent presence at the event, with the participation of several of its members in the sessions and/or events that are included in the agenda and mentioned below.

Tuesday, November 17

In the session Economic and Social Recovery Leaving No One Behind (3:41 p.m. - 4:01 p.m.), Núria Marín i Martínez (mayor of L'Hospitalet and president of the Barcelona Provincial Council), to debate the key role of cities in the inclusive and sustainable economic recovery as engines of growth after the Covid-19 crisis.

Wednesday, November 18

In the event Latest Smart City technology in Korea and Spain (09:00h - 09:45h) includes the participation of Francisco Javier Ridruejo (RECI Secretary), sharing the ideas and projects of the RECI, as a leading Smart City institution from the public sector.

The session #CitiesAreListening: Dialogue on a smart recovery in the post COVID-19 era (10:15h - 11:00h) presents the Decalogue of the Organization of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) for the post-Covid-19 era, promoting dialogue on the redefinition of smart cities and the role of digitalization in the configuration of societies beyond the pandemic. It has the participation of Oihane Agirregoitia (City Council of Bilbao).

The event Catalog of Public Procurement of Innovation (10:15-11:15h) is an online webinar where public organizations present their unmet needs for the future, their market consultations and their tenders. It has the participation of Francisco Javier Ridruejo (RECI Secretary).

The event L'Hospitalet, Resilient City. Promoting inclusive and sustainable development (11:45-12:30h) addresses the problem of how cities, especially densely populated ones, need to create and adapt public environments so that they are habitable, safe, agile and adaptable. L'Hospitalet Share your experience regarding this problem.

In the event Urban agenda, key strategy for sustainable cities (12:45-1:30 p.m.) Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza intervenes (President of the RECI and mayor of Logroño), in which the Urban Agenda is addressed as a key tool for an optimal transformation process of the Smart City, ensuring a more sustainable and humane city. 

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