Meeting between the RECI and DTI Networks

Meeting between the RECI and DTI Networks

On July 5 and 6, in the City of Rota (Cádiz), the Spanish Network of Smart Cities and the Spanish Network of Smart Destinations will celebrate the "RECI and DTI Networks Meeting"in which the RECI Technical Committee in the Assembly Hall of the Rota City Council, Calle Cuna, 2, 11520 Rota, Cádiz

We ask that those cities that want to register confirm their attendance at the Meeting through the following registration form

July 5, 2021

6:00 p.m.-6:15 p.m. Welcome and institutional opening

6:15 p.m.-8:00 p.m. RECI technical committee

Work plan of the technical committees

Progress in the different working groups:

  • Group 1: Government, Social Innovation and Smart Economy
  • Group 2: Green City: Sustainability and Infrastructure
  • Group 3: Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence

Project Commission for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plans:

  • “National Urban Intelligence System” Project
  • Gaia-X National MDI Hub
  • Upcoming calls for town councils

9:00 p.m. Technical committee dinner

July 6, 2021

Meeting on the digitalization of tourism, DTI and RECI Networks

You can enter through video conference In the following link:

09.00-09.30h Institutional opening

  • José Javier Ruiz Arana - Mayor of Rota
  • Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza - RECI President and Mayor of Logroño
  • Antonio Pérez – DTI Network and Mayor of Benidorm
  • Enrique Martínez - President of SEGITTUR
  • Francisco Javier García Vieira -

09.30-11.00h Intelligence and tourism in the Recovery and Resilience Plans

  • National platform for smart tourist destinations, Recovery and Resilience Funds – Enrique Martínez Marín - SEGITTUR
  • Good practices of smart cities and territories, how they will evolve after the pandemic, and future trends - Francisco Javier García Vieira, Director of Digital Public Services
  • How much is data worth for Smart Tourist Destinations? - Concepción Foronda-Robles, Director of the Chair of Smart Tourism at the University of Seville

11.00-12.00h Collaboration between networks: RECI and DTI

Debate on collaboration opportunities in Smart Tourist Destinations:

  • Antonio Pérez, Mayor of Benidorm
  • José Javier Ruiz Arana, Mayor of Rota
  • Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza – Mayor of Logroño

12:00-12:30h Coffee break

12:30-2:00 p.m. Digitization of cities

  • Horizontal platform of the Rota City Council – Juan José Marrufo – Councilor for New Technologies, José Cándido Seba - Responsible for the intelligent platform of Rota and José Alberto Sanz - Architect of the Urban Planning Delegation
  • DTI Network experiences in sustainable tourist destinations - Bartolomé Crespí Seguí – Municipal Institute of Innovation Palma City Council
  • Interoperability and data ownership – Ramón Ferri – Valencia City Council

5:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m. Opening afternoon session

  • José Javier Ruiz Arana - Mayor of Rota
  • Juan Espadas - Mayor of Seville

5:30 p.m.-6:15 p.m. Smart destinations and standardization

  • Interoperability standards - Tania Marcos UNE
  • Evolution of interoperability requirements in the face of a new framework - Jesús Cañadas Fernández - National representative at ITU SG20: Smart cities and communities

18.15-18.45.h Technological solutions for the tourist smart city

  • Dinapsis for city: green is also digital - Gonzalo Jimenez, Director of digital transformation and sustainability - Dinapsis
  • Intelligent Lighting, value for the city - Javier Ortigosa - Head of the Prilux Project Department
  • Elliot Cloud infrastructure management system. Differential applications - Oscar Ruiz - COO Elliot Cloud

6:45 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Discussion table on Smart and Sustainable Cities (U4SSC)

  • Tania Marcos - UNE
  • Ramón Ferri – Valencia City Council
  • Adolfo Borrero - President of the AMETIC Smart Cities Commission
  • Alberto Bernal - Indra

7:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Closing of the Meeting and conclusions

Video of the meeting between the RECI and DTI Networks:

Part 1 of the Meeting between RECI and DTI Networks
Part 2 of the Meeting between RECI and DTI Networks

It is recalled that the RECI has a bag to cover travel and/or subsistence expenses to registered people who go to participate in person at this Meeting. Participation in this exchange will be at the rate of two representatives from each RECI city for 3 days. The criteria for incorporating applicants into the pool will be in strict order of application until availability is exhausted. 

Every technician registered for the sessions who wishes to participate in this bag must complete the file attached in this link, and Send it to the Technical Office by email:

This form must be completed and sent as soon as possible, in order to manage the accommodation of the people covered by this bag.

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