RECI Congress 2021: smart solutions to improve people's lives

DATE November 3, 2021

RECI Congress 2021: smart solutions to improve people's lives

The Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI) celebrates its first Congress in Valencia on November 29 and 30

The Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI) will hold its first Congress on November 29 and 30 in Valencia, an event where more than two hundred representatives of Local Entities, other Public Administrations and experts from the sector will share their experience in the application of “smart solutions to improve people's lives”. This was stated in his presentation press conference where the role of the Local Administration in the management of European funds for digitalization was highlighted so that “this investment effort is truly transformative.”  

The presentation included the Secretary General of the FEMP, Carlos Daniel Casares; the Mayor of Logroño, and President of the RECI, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, and the Councilor for Digital Agenda and Electronic Administration of the host city Valéncia, Pere Fuset. Casares, who began this press conference, assured that the use of intelligent solutions “does not depend on the size of the town or city”, thus celebrating the RECI's effort to include smaller Local Entities in its work. size and size of Provincial Councils, Councils and Councils.

In this sense, Casares has highlighted that the objective is that "all municipalities have the existence of all services guaranteed so that each person can decide where to live." Thus, he assured that "the rural environment in Spain suffers major depopulation problems and the extension of Smart Cities can contribute to solving this situation." Furthermore, “innovation and technology can be an ally to improve the sustainability of tourist activity and to improve the visitor experience,” he explained.

“Digitalization is essential in recovery. The 34% of the funds contemplated in the Recovery Plan are intended for an intelligent transformation, based on digitalization and modernization”, this is how the President of the Smart Cities Network, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, began his intervention at the Presentation. The Mayor of Logroño has also highlighted that the event in València will be a “conversation” because “there is nothing more intelligent than conversation” where it will be possible to “learn and update the local commitment to intelligent solutions.”

Hermoso de Mendoza has also highlighted that the recovery process and the Next Generation Funds will only be truly transformative if “we unite”, if “we do them from municipalism, from our principle of reality and closeness (…) because the needs that exist In the municipalities, talking about “5G, the transformation of SMEs, smart tourism or digital skills” means talking about reality and knowledge of the territories. Thus, he highlighted that the RECI Congress is the opportunity to renew the commitment and local capacity to contribute to the reconstruction of the country with intelligence.

The Councilor for Digital Agenda and Electronic Administration of Valencia, Pere Fuset, closed this press conference by assuring that “a smart city is a human city, because the authentic smart solutions are those that are aimed at making the lives of citizens easier. ”. Along these lines, Fuset has highlighted that smart cities “we don't talk about sensors, we talk about people, their problems and possible solutions.”

Fuset has highlighted the image of this Congress that seeks to convey the essence of a city, “its movement and its transformation”, what Local Entities “know” about. For this reason, he announced that "there are already 200 registered for these sessions" and has encouraged participation because "there is nothing smarter and more necessary at this time than sharing and learning." 

Information about the Congress and registration:

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