III Congress of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI)

III Congress of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI)

The future of smart cities.

A vision based on AI & IoT, data space, mobility, security and inclusion .

After two successful editions in Valencia and Palma, we are pleased to inform you that the days On October 19 and 20 we will celebrate the THIRD EDITION OF THE INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF THE RECI in Las Rozas. 

The RECI International Congress was born with the objective of bringing together city technicians and all participants in the sector in a collaborative space to share the trends, good practices and challenges presented by Smart Cities. The purpose of the Congress will be to achieve the connection and participation of all our attendees, through the creation of collaborative dynamics that allow us to take action. We will have top-level speakers and experts in the latest trends in smart cities, who will give inspiring talks and lead discussion tables, both national and international. 

This third edition of the Congress will be hosted by the Joaquín Rodrigo Municipal Auditorium, an idyllic environment in which we hope to bring together more than 400 attendees, participants from the more than 130 cities that make up the RECI, as well as public entities of the central government and the European Comission.

Register to attend the conference:

We make available a sponsorship plan that will allow for active participation and provide visibility to all those entities that wish to be part of the event, you can consult it in the following link. Places are limited, so registration in advance is necessary. You can register through the following button:

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