José de la Uz will lead a new stage of the RECI after being named president of the organization for the next four years

DATE December 19, 2023

José de la Uz will lead a new stage of the RECI after being named president of the organization for the next four years

The Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI) is pleased to announce that José de la Uz, mayor of Las Rozas, assumes the presidency of the organization, marking the beginning of a new phase of leadership and collaboration in the field of smart cities in Spain.

José de la Uz, recognized for his commitment to innovation and progress, becomes the new president of the RECI, succeeding Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza González, who played a crucial role in the advancement of the network.

The new presidency coincides with the renewal of the RECI Strategic Plan, reflecting the network's continued commitment to adapting to current and future challenges, as well as taking advantage of emerging opportunities in the field of smart cities.

After his appointment, De la Uz stressed that “technology and innovation are very valuable tools for administrations to be more efficient and effective, so that they are capable of facing the complex challenges that the future presents us with and, ultimately, to meet Its ultimate objective is to improve the quality of life, daily life and opportunities of citizens. In this sense, I am convinced of the strength that the RECI has, thanks to the excellent work of its technicians, as a platform to share information and experiences between the different agents involved and thereby promote policies that place us at the forefront in innovation and Smart. Cities. "I am very grateful for this appointment, very excited about it and eager to get to work, to continue the magnificent work done so far with a new impulse that allows us to continue growing."

De la Uz has been mayor of Las Rozas since 2015, a position he accepted after a career in the private sector and several years in different technical positions within the Community of Madrid. At the head of the Roceño town hall he has been characterized, among other aspects, by his enormous push for the city's conversion policies into a Smart City, implementation of innovative solutions in their initial phases and attraction of talent, in addition to the promotion of entrepreneurship. and attracting talent. The city also hosted the Third International Smart City Congress last October, an event that brought together experts, industry leaders and government authorities to discuss and share knowledge about the most recent advances in the field of smart cities. .

New Smart Territories event

Within the framework of the constant evolution of the RECI, the year 2024 brings with it exciting developments, including a specific event dedicated to "Smart Territories". This expanded approach reflects the growing importance of integrating innovation into the management of broader territories, promoting smart solutions at local and regional levels.

The RECI, under the direction of José de la Uz, is committed to continuing to promote collaboration between cities, promoting technological innovation and promoting smart solutions that improve the quality of life of citizens and contribute to sustainable development.

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