I Gijón Technical Committee March 7 and 8, 2024

I Gijón Technical Committee March 7 and 8, 2024


The event will have a first public session in which companies and key stakeholders of the sector are invited to participate and learn first-hand about the trends and cutting-edge topics most relevant to smart cities and the good practices that city councils have carried out in these areas. These key themes for smart cities include:

  • Sustainability and the future of cities
  • Smart tourism
  • Efficient energy management
  • Intensive use of data in the management of intelligent services for citizens.

The second day is focused on the technical staff of the RECI member cities.

Discover what awaits you! Download the provisional agenda for March 7 and access all the presentations.


Libelium is a company born in 2006 in Zaragoza, dedicated to the design of intelligent solutions to help companies and cities to be more sustainable, productive and data-driven to generate a positive impact on the planet. Libelium develops its services throughout the world, focusing on Central and North America, as well as Europe. Libelium has been recognized with numerous awards throughout its history and now, after its first business acquisition, has a team of more than 80 highly qualified people. 

TRESA Elevators, founded in 1983, celebrates forty years of achievements and continuous improvements. A leader in accessibility, it operates in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of lifting devices, setting the standard towards sustainability. With a presence in 50+ countries, it expands its reach to all continents, offering European quality products to installers with import capacity. The company prioritizes investment in R&D and the training of its team, which allows it to offer personalized solutions and stand out in the market. 

Esri is the distributor of ArcGIS technology in Spain since 1991, currently having more than 45% of market share and positioning itself as a national leader in Geographic Information Systems. The ArcGIS Platform allows you to analyze the data of any company from a spatial point of view, offering you the possibility of viewing it on a map, analyzing it and making better decisions. Esri technology is the Geographic Information System of reference in the main Spanish organizations, both public and private, and provides services from different areas of action: Telecommunications, Water, Education, Transport and Logistics, Environment, Banking, Insurance, etc.

Elliot Cloud & ATAMAN It is an intelligent platform for managing low code virtualized network services, integrating processes and operations. ATAMAN is an innovative platform, capable of managing and controlling in real time, all the key assets and services of cities, buildings or facilities.

Action offers sustainable and efficient solutions to the main needs of society. We provide sustainable solutions in infrastructure, renewable energy, drinking water...


MinebeaMitsume Founded in 2005 and based in Switzerland, Paradox Engineering is the MinebeaMitsumi Group's Internet of Things (IoT) Center of Excellence. The company is a pioneer in technologies to implement highly scalable IoT network solutions, from peripheral devices to management platforms, to control critical public services such as street lighting, parking management, municipal waste collection and environmental monitoring. The company is supporting the city of Gijón on its smart journey, by building its interoperable IoT infrastructure and deploying more than 40,000 smart streetlights.

T-Systems is the partner that accompanies you on your path to digitalization: with integrated and secure network, cloud, Salesforce and SAP solutions. Offers comprehensive and integrated solutions that accelerate transformation digital of companies from all private sectors as well as the public sector.


SMARTCITY: Reference portal on smart cities in Spain and official dissemination medium of the RECI.

THE SMART CITY JOURNAL: International news platform on smart cities. Media partner of the RECI.

CITIES FORUM: Global organization with a multidisciplinary international group of experts with experience in the variety of topics related to sustainable urban development. Media partner of the RECI.



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