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How can your town council join the RECI?

Spanish town councils with more than 50,000 registered inhabitants.

The necessary steps to join the Red Española de Ciudades Inteligentes (RECI) are the following:

  • Full municipal agreement requesting accession, which also expresses compliance with the condition of having promoted a strategic, sectoral or director plan, in which lines of action that favor innovation and new technologies are specified. for the promotion of smart cities. Plenary Approval of the RECI Statutes (Associated Document Act of Accession).
  • In the same plenary agreement you can name the representatives of both the Network, which may include the mayor and, on the other hand, indicate that he or she is empowered to delegate in the event of his or her inability to attend the meetings. and others, as well as the Technical Committee.
  • Once the Act of Adhesion is signed and approved by the plenary session, it is necessary to send via email a copy of the digitally signed original to the Secretary General, so that it can be submitted to the next Board of Directors. This shipment must be addressed to Daniel Vega, at the following address: and
  • Once the corresponding request has been made, it will be the RECI Board of Directors who will decide on the incorporation of the municipality.

Red Española de Ciudades Inteligentes Agreement –

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Spanish town councils with less than 50,000 registered inhabitants.

The necessary steps to be part of the Red Española de Ciudades Inteligentes (RECI) as a Friendly Municipality are the following:

  • A city with less than 50,000 inhabitants registered in its municipal area and that has made a formal request to: and may have this name.
  • Said request will be made by means of a copy of the letter signed by the Mayor of said locality addressed to the president of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities.
  • Its incorporation as a RECI Friendly Municipality must be approved by the Board of Directors.
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The benefits of RECI Friendly Municipalities

  • They will be able to benefit from the work, documentation and information shared by the cities that are part of the RECI.
  • They will have access to the documentation and information that is worked on the network.
  • They may attend those events organized by the Network on an extraordinary basis and that do not correspond to its collegiate governing bodies. Such as: CPP Conferences, Startup4cities.
  • They will be communicated with event agendas and information of interest related to smart cities.
  • They may request help or collaboration from any of the cities that belong to the network in the areas or activities that have been shared on the network.
  • An annual meeting will be held with the RECI friendly municipalities, with the Presidency, work group leaders and the technical office, to coordinate the relationship and learn about their suggestions and specific needs.
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