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The RECI Board of Directors is made up of the following cities:

The Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias, FEMP) is also a member of the Board of Directors.

The management bodies that are also part of the Board of Directors are:

PresidencyMr. José de la Uz Pardos
RECI SecretaryMr. Daniel Vega Díaz


The RECI has a Secretariat appointed by the Board of Directors at the proposal of the Presidency, which will act as an auxiliary body to the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.

Specifically, it corresponds to the Association Secretary:

  • Direct the administrative work of the Association, which has not been entrusted.
  • Represent the Association when authorized by the President.
  • Issue certifications of the agreements adopted by the Association's bodies.
  • Prepare the minutes of the sessions held by the Association's bodies.
  • Keep the books of the Association that are legally established and the associate file.
  • Safeguard the entity's documentation, ensuring that communications are sent regarding the appointment of Boards of Directors and other corporate agreements that can be registered in the corresponding Registries.

The Association, taking into account its character and technical objectives, has a Technical Secretariat, for which a person who currently provides services in the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces has been appointed thanks to the agreement between both organizations. A Technical Office to support the Technical Secretariat may also be hired externally by agreement of the Board of Directors, for the temporary period considered appropriate.

The functions that the Technical Secretariat of the Association has are:

  • The launch and direction, if necessary, of projects within the RECI framework.
  • The Coordination, call, delimitation of lines of work and projects of the RECI Technical Working Groups.
  • The proposal of actions and work plans to the RECI bodies.
  • Collaboration with the Association's Treasury in the preparation of the annual Budget.
  • The proposal to the Board of Directors of sponsorship methods and the recruitment of new sponsors.
  • The proposal for collaboration agreements with the RECI.
  • Attendance and presentation of the work developed by the Technical Working Groups before the Board of Directors and the Assembly.
  • Collaboration with the governing bodies of the RECI.
  • The management of the content of the RECI website and the online media on social networks available to the Association.
  • The supervision and management of all collaborative tools necessary to facilitate internal communications and documentation, including the provision of the corresponding email addresses.
  • The preparation of the Technical Contracting Documents and the report of the proposals presented.
  • The promotion of the agreements of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly, as well as the presentation of proposals aimed at achieving the goals of the Association.
  • Carrying out any other actions related to the previous ones that guarantee the success of the RECI.
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